Musica de peliculas de terror(Horror Movie Hits )DESCARGAR

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013 .

38 Tracks Incluidos: 

-28 Days Later Theme 
-Alien vs Predator- Main Theme 
-Amityville horror 
-Beetlejuice theme 
-Blade Trinity Theme 
-Blair Witch End Theme 
-Child's Play 
-Drew's Party Music - Scream 
-Friday the 13th - Jasons Theme 
-Friday The 13th Part 1 
-Ghostbusters Theme 
-Halloween H20 Theme - Instrumental 
-Halloween Theme 
-Hellraiser Theme 
-Hostel - Theme Whistle 
-House Of 1000 Corpses - Dr Satan 
-Jaws Theme 
-John Carpenters - The Fog 
-Nightmare On Elm Street 
-Nightmare On Elm Street -Freddys Coming For You 
-Phantasm ii 
-Resident Evil 
-Sleepy Hollow 
-Tales from the crypt - Theme 
-The Exorcist - Theme 
-The Omen - Theme 
-The Shining 
-The Silence Of The Lambs 
-The Time Warp (movie version) - (the rocky horror picture show) 
-Xfiles theme



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